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Winnipeg Jets Injury Report

Update on Dano and Myers.

Myers and Dano

While the Jets list of skating wounded has decreased all the way down to one on the official team email we will see Marko Dano’s name added to the list tomorrow now that he has been placed on IR.  As of right now it is just Tyler Myers on the list:

Tyler Myers* (22 games missed) Lower Body (Day-to-Day) Nov. 11 vs. COL.

Total Man Games Lost:  158.

Following skate coach Maurice provided updates on his injured players:

Marko Dano:

“No.  Other than was not overly optimistic last night, wasn’t any more optimistic this morning but he has got to see the doctors.”

Tyler Myers:

“He’s getting better.  We think he’s getting closer to getting back on the ice.”  When pressed on the nature of the injury the Jets bench boss didn’t want to be too specific but when pushed and when discussing different types of injuries he said “If its something concrete, a guy breaks a bone the numbers are real clear.  I don’t always tell you when its a concussion but most times its obvious when it is, there is no grey area for us in a lot of those.  Any soft tissue issues (there you go) they just don’t heal on a regular schedule.”

He was asked again about Myers and the plateau whether it would require surgery and the coach Maurice indicated “No.  No. It’s not.  You’re looking for increased strength, increased mobility, increased range of motion every day or every couple of days and when you come in and its the same strength, same range of motion, same soreness and it sits like that for days, then that’s a plateau, he’s not making any improvements, so they continue to work on it.  Now he’s back getting stronger, feeling good, so we are moving in the right direction.”  When asked if Myers was past that plateau Maurice added “we hope so”.