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Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff speaks ahead of 2022 NHL Draft

The Jets GM chats ahead of tomorrow’s draft.

Lots of excitement in Jets land right now not just about the prospects who will be added to the pool over the next few days in Montreal but also about potential moves the club could make. Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff spoke following the GM Meetings.


1) Getting everyone back in the same place. (0:10)
2) Who makes the ultimate decision for a draft pick? (0:47)
3) How intense have the scouting meetings been? (1:26)
4) With different teams having varying lists, might there be more trading? (2:29)
5) Choosing the Rangers 2nd in 2022 vs 2023 (3:14)
6) What are the discussions about trading down? (3:50)
7) Is he getting asked about Blake Wheeler? (4:15)
8) Arriving at a consensus within the group (4:45)
9) Issue selecting Russian players this draft (5:36)
10) Anything from scouting in the covid helping them now? (6:29)
11) Potentially selecting a Manitoba kid in 1st round (7:47)
12) Question about Rick Bowness son Ryan who used to work for Jets, now AGM in OTT (8:26)