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Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff pre-training camp presser

Ahead of training camp the Jets GM spoke with media.

Last time we heard from Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff the team he was chatting about the 2020 virtual NHL draft back in early October.  Today he spoke ahead of the start of training camp in Winnipeg on Sunday.


1. His thoughts on the all Canadian division.
2. The decision making process of the taxi squad.
3. Any insight on Jack Roslovic’s situation?
4. Quarantine rules surrounding Pefetti & Heinola?
5. Injury updates on prospects David Gustafsson, Daniel Torgersson and Anton Johanesson?
6. Has he spoken to Laine about all the rumours?
7. On the way they deal with younger players this season.
8. Having Scheifele/Copp involved in the return to play committee.
9. How can fans help the team?
10. Is there a roster update?  Is everyone in Winnipeg?
11. Are the 36 players set or will they put out some PTOs?
12. Is he worried about allowing the Laine situation to “fester”?
13.  The optics in playing when so many are restricted.
14. Could Jack Roslovic be in Winnipeg or is there a work VISA issue?
15. His thoughts on what Jonathan Toews is dealing with?
16. Challenge in scouting with the restrictions?
17. Impact of the pandemic on trades.
18. How comfortable is he with the Jets blueline?
19. The negotiations between the Jets and Jack Roslovic.
20. What are the challenges he foresees for players and what teams will have to do to succeed?
21. Was he privy to the discussions between the Jets and the Manitoba govt to allow them to play?
22. What are the options for players if CHL or AHL isn’t playing?
23. How would they construct the Moose roster given the taxi squad?