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Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets end of season media availability with head coach Rick Bowness

Jets bench boss took to the podium somewhat unexpectedly.

The unexpected man of the hour Jets head coach Rick Bowness here to speak in today’s media availability. He was originally slated to speak either tomorrow or during the week but perhaps with the general tone of his players the team pushed up his media availability.


1) Why is he speaking today?
2) Players taking issue with his post-game 5 comments (:27)
3) Did he skip a step in speaking to media before players? (1:38)
4) What words does he regret using? (2:13)
5) Does he stand behind his “their better players were better” comments? (4:26)
6) On his questioning the players during the season (4:41)
7) Does he feel the way the players handled it today speaks to how they respond to criticism? (5:55)
8) Does he want to keep coaching this team? (6:12)
9) Do there need to be structural changes? (6:18)
10) Players still viewing Blake Wheeler as captain (7:17)
11) Are players on a different page from coaching staff? Do they need to build bridges? (8:25)
12) Does his blunt truth telling him gotten him into issues with this club? (9:49)
13) What has this team learned from this year? And using that for next year (11:11)
14) Can this same group learn from this year and win next year? (12:24)
15) After all he’s been through why would he want to come back? (13:20)
16) Would he still be interested in a rebuild? (13:58)
17) Looking at the February slide and players not learning lessons (15:04)
18) Players outscoring the minutes they play (16:25)
19) The players in this organization lacking defensive prep from years prior (18:01)
20) Lack of accountability. Why would anyone believe anything will be different next year? (19:54)
21) Players wilting when pressure was on (21:06)