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Play-in series

Winnipeg Jets day 2 interviews in the Edmonton bubble with Andrew Copp and Dylan DeMelo

A pair of Jets spoke this morning from Edmonton as they continue to get ready for their first game in months.


Why has it been such a good fit with the Jets for him and what has the pause done to make things more normal? (DeMelo).
Why does he think Eakin and DeMelo have fit so seamlessly? (Copp).
Is there a different feeling only getting the one exhibition game? (Copp).
Life in the bubble. (Copp).
What does he look for in the exhibition game to be ready to go for game 1 against the Flames? (DeMelo).
What makes Blake Wheeler a good candidate for the King Clancy? (Copp).
Does he sense the excitement of game mode? (Copp).
Will they go watch other teams play? (Copp & DeMelo).
Does this tournament remind them of their youth play? (DeMelo & Copp).
Fraternizing with other players on other teams? (Copp).
Is there such a thing as momentum on the PK and can they continue where they left off? (Copp & DeMelo).
Why is experience important in the playoffs? (Copp).
Does he notice a sense of urgency with this team? (Copp).