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Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice end of season press conference

The Jets bench boss met with the media for his final interview for the 2016-17 season.

Jets bench boss Paul Maurice reflected on the 2016-17 season this morning at the MTS Centre following his team going 40-35-7.

Topics:  How would he assess the jobs of his assistants this year?  What is his assessment as to what is missing and what needs to improve over the Summer?  On how he can develop a defensive game in an offensive team.  How does he strike a balance between taking the blame vs calling out an older team (next year)?  What is the message to the fan base for next season?  On Wheeler calling it a “wasted year”, how does he respond to that?  Why should fans be confident that he is the guy to “turn this team around”?  How close is this team, what should they look like next year?  On the Jets systems.  Is this team a playoff team next season?  How comfortable is he going into next season in the last year of his contract?  On the youth becoming the new core and need to talk about this with the veterans.  Does he have any updates on his players playing in the World Championships?  Would he prefer to have an extension signed this Summer?  Are there any talks planned?  Is there a key to better surviving injuries?  Abnormal to see as many players take big steps as they did this year?  On the young players knowing they could make mistakes as they develop.   Are there pieces that need to be filled in for this roster?  What role will he play in the Expansion Draft?  Does he have an idea what his Expansion list would look like?  His assessment of Connor Hellebuyck’s season.  Would Hellebuyck have benefited from having a veteran goalie on the roster?  What were the expectations for Hellebuyck coming into this season and did he meet them?  What are his expectations for Hellebuyck for next season?  On the Jets goaltending overall?  Does he have a preference for what Patrik Laine should do (i.e. whether he should play in the World Championships).  Have there been any contract extension talks?

All audio courtesy of TSN 1290 Winnipeg.