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Coach Noel press conference

Winnipeg Jets coach Claude Noel scrum

Coach Noel audio.

Coach Noel spoke with the media the day after losing to the Predators 3-1.

Coach Noel Oct 21, 2013

Coach Noel – Meeting day?  Find anything out?  (Quote 1).  Injury  update (Slater is more day to day more like a week, Bogosian is maintenance, Stuart is hopeful).  Has he spoken to Tangradi about what he needs to do and would he share? (Not surprisingly he said no).  Drilling puck possession in at practice.  Challenge to find right combo of 3?  (Quote 2).  Needing top players to be top players (Quote 3).  Concerned about players who are ‘down'(Quote 4).  Is someone in the room able to hold other players accountable?  (Quote 5).

Audio courtesy of TSN 1290 Winnipeg.

Interesting quotes:

1 – “team is putting skill ahead of work.  We’ve got it backwards”.

2 – Right now I can’t find the right 12 to play together.  Whose my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th line?  I don’t know!”

3 – “My job is to get the best out of our team and our players.  That’s very clear.  That’s my job and if I don’t do that there’s consequences”. 

4 – “I don’t have enough players to sit everybody……I could sit a lot of guys”

5 – “Start with winning games.  That will bring some joy.  Play better.  That will bring you confidence.  That’s how you do it.  Work first, skill later.  That will help you.  It’s not that tough.  We need more from the players.  And they know.”