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Coach Noel press conference

Winnipeg Jets coach Claude Noel pre-game press conference

Coach Noel pre-game audio.

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Coach NoelPreparation for the Blues.  Importance of Chris Thorburn to play his game.  Impressed by him?  Trouba talk.  Using teams at the top of the Western Conference does he use that as a measuring stick?  Going back to Pavelec.  Lineup matching tonight?  Keys to getting to the Blues D.  Secondary scoring changes dynamic.  What does he think of coaching an outdoor game in Winnipeg?

No(el)table quotes:

Coach Noel on the Blues:  “We know the opponent.  They are a well coached team.  Hitchs teams are always well coached and they defend well.  They play a heavy game. It will be a good game, we have to be ready for them. Fact they have hit a bump in the road makes it more ornery for them.”

On Jacob Trouba consistency:  “He has been a very consistent player for us and that’s also odd for a young players.  They go through different things.  I have had some young players in the past and its usually almost everyone of them has been up and down.  He has been pretty consistent so far.” (then knocks on wood).

More on Jacob Trouba’s consistency:  “Pretty even keel.  But you don’t see the consistency like that or I haven’t.  I had Shea Weber for example and he had his ups and downs in his first year.  He was good, needed a little more time in the American league.”

On going back to Pavelec:  “I thought Montoya was good.  Pavs has been good.  They are both good.  I don’t have any issues.  There is not one reason for pulling one out.  There is no magical system there.”

On coaching an outdoor game in Winnipeg: “As long as its dead smack in the middle of January it would be perfect.  35 below it would be perfect.  It would be fun.”