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Winnipeg Jets chose not to file club-elected salary arbitration with Pierre-Luc Dubois

No salary arbitration for either side in this situation.

The Jets had until today to file club-elected salary arbitration and they chose not to do that with Pierre-Luc Dubois. There was some talk that they could do this to eliminate the possibility of an offer-sheet.

Two provinces to the west the Flames chose to do this with Matthew Tkachuk. They outlined their reasons here:

The Flames have filed for club-elected salary arbitration with Matthew Tkachuk. This provides us the opportunity to continue to work with his representatives towards a contractual resolution while removing the possibility of an offer sheet.

This leaves it to the Jets and the representation of Pierre-Luc Dubois to work out a deal (or a trade).

For those curious about the pros or cons of either choosing to elect or not, Murat Ates of The Athletic Winnipeg lays it out here:

Advantage: Jets don’t give PLD the opportunity to choose a two year award that walks him straight to UFA status in 2024.

Disadvantage: he’s still eligible to sign an offer sheet w another team.

An offer sheet is not automatically an emergency but could create a tough choice

Which means this roller-coaster will continue.