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Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets announce 2023 Development Camp roster and schedule

Plan your schedule accordingly.

We knew it was running from July 4th to the 8th but we didn’t know which prospects would be taking part of the times. Now we do.

From the Jets:

The 27 players attending the Jets 2023 Development Camp feature three goaltenders, eight defencemen, and 16 forwards. The camp attendees include 17 players who were drafted by the Jets and 10 undrafted players. Five of the 27 players at camp (Tyrel Bauer, Parker Ford, Carson Golder, Brad Lambert, and Chaz Lucius) have appeared for the Manitoba Moose.


Wed, July 5 9:45 AM/10:00 AM/10:00 AM
Thur, July 6 10:00 AM/10:00 AM/10:00 AM
Fri, July 7 9:45 AM/10:00 AM/10:00 AM
Sat, July 8 10:00 a.m. AM/10:00 AM/10:00 AM

Players Attending:

Goalies: Logan Neaton, Thomas Milic and Dominic DiVincentis

D: Anton Johannesson, Tyrel Bauer, Elias Salomonsson, Dmitry Kuzmin, Jordan Tourigny*, Josh Zinger*, Scooter Brickey* and Wyatt Wilson*

F: Rutger McGroarty, Brad Lambert, Colby Barlow, Chaz Lucius, Danny Zhilkin, Fabian Wagner, Zach Nehring, Jacob Julien, Parker Ford, Connor Lewis, Carson Golder*, Nikita Chibrikov, Davis Burnside*, David Chen*, Louis Jamernik* and Jack Williams*

*free agent invite