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Will the Bruins buyout Glen Murray?

From Steve Conroy of the Boston Herald:

That brings us to Glen Murray. Since the veteran struggled mightily down the stretch and into the playoffs, it has seemed like an almost foregone conclusion that Murray will be moved one way or another. While Chiarelli may have been posturing to inflate Murray’s trade value, the Bruins GM makes it sound as though it is hardly a slam dunk that Murray will be gone. He said that he didn’t envision buying anyone out – the buyout period begins today – and, though he felt Murray’s injured ankle (now surgically repaired) may have had something to do with his lack of production, the GM said the right winger’s struggles had more to do with his head than his 35-year-old legs.

“He had a frustrating year, but he brought a lot to the (locker) room and a lot to the chemistry,” said Chiarelli. “I know people are clamoring for us to trade him or buy him out, but you’ve got to be careful. He brings a lot to the table. . . . Say what you want, but he’s a legitimate 25- to 30-goal scorer.”

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From Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe:

Now, what are Chiarelli’s options? One of two scenarios is likely:

They buy him out between now and the league’s June 30 deadline. On the books for one more season at $4.15 million, Murray would have his compensation cut by one-third, to $2.768 million, and he would be paid over two years (a cap hit of $1.38 million).

Murray is kept on the payroll, invited to September training camp, and if he is as done as he looked in the playoffs, then the Bruins could demote him to Providence. He would cost owner Jeremy Jacobs the full $4.15 million, but all of it would be taken off the salary cap.

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Glen Murray has always been a slow skater, but last year it seemed like he had lost another step. His ability to get into scoring zones was not what it once was. If you put up the numbers he did, and you primarily play with a set-up man like Marc Savard, then fans have to lower their expectations for the former 40 goal scorer. If he is back with the Bruins under his current terms, I would be fairly surprised.