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Will goalies begin to head overseas?

From Kevin Allen of USA Today:

My prediction is that this league will have superior goalkeeping. There are only 30 starting goalie spots in the NHL, and there are more than 30 quality goalies in the world.

Rather than take backup money in the NHL, a talented goalie may seek his fame and fortune in the Continental League. Four goalies are already doing that, and more are sure to follow. Can’t you see Nikolai Khabibulin over there in 2009-10? I’m guessing teams in that league will pay him more than NHL teams will after his struggles in Chicago.

Read Allen’s entire post from Mucking and Grinding here.

Very interesting observation from Allen; his points are extremely valid. There are many very good netminders playing back up roles in the NHL and they may move overseas to make more money and get more ice-time. That said, I don’t see any top of the line netminders opting out of the NHL.