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Toronto Maple Leafs

Why trade for Jamal Mayers?

From Damien Cox of the Toronto Star:

The question, however, would be why is the team selling off newly acquired picks, even third rounders, for aging veterans who can at best play supporting roles?

It’s not a big deal, that’s for sure. But isn’t this where the Leafs want to be hoarding as many young prospects as possible, not dealing off picks? Or is the plan here to patch together a lineup that can qualify for that exalted eighth and final playoff berth in the east?

While first and second rounders are obviously the most useful, any pick in the top 100 has value. The idea was to move Kilger to start the rebuilding process, yet the pick acquired in exchange for him has now been flipped to land another older player.

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Cox is exactly right here. If you can pick up a player with Mayers’ character through free agency then I’m all for it; he is going to be a solid dressing room presence. But why give up an asset for such a player when you are trying to build for the future?