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Which teams have won the most one-goal games since the lockout?

This week at Puck Prospectus, I examined which teams have had the most success in one-goal games since the lockout of 2004/05. Let’s see if you are surprised by the results…

This week at Puck Prospectus, I examined which teams had the best record over the past four seasons following the NHL lockout.  The results revealed some interesting trends.

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Are there any evident trends in terms of plus/minus results? Well, not surprisingly the New Jersey Devils are number one on this list—and it is not even close. The Devils won 51 more one-goal games than they lost from 2005/06 to 2008/09. In fact, the Devils never finished with less than a +8 in terms of one-goal victories. Is this because of Martin Brodeur? Or is this because of the team’s defensive mentality? This is kind of like the chicken or the egg argument, but I’d say it is a bit of both. The Devils clearly have an ability to clamp down with the lead and secure a one-goal victory. New Jersey has always been known as this type of team, but these numbers certainly confirm that.

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