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Where could Parrish end up?

From Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

These are just off the top of my head thoughts looking at cap numbers, but I’ve put zero effort into this and haven’t looked at depth charts.

L.A.’s under the cap floor, but Terry Murray’s the coach now. Parrish played for him in Florida, so I’m sure it’ll be like, “been there, done that.”

However, Terry’s older bro, Bryan, is the GM in Ottawa, and Bryan traded for Parrish is Florida.

Maybe he goes back to the Islanders? He’s buddies with GM Garth Snow. Vancouver definitely needs offense and has plenty of cap room, so maybe he reunites with Pav. Atlanta and Phoenix are just above the cap floor.

Read the entire entry from Russo’s Rants here.

Parrish most certainly will be picked up by a team in need of some secondary scoring.  Considering a buyout seems like the most likely result of his being waived (as I don’t see him being picked up off waivers), Parrish will be able to make a decision on where he wants to play and that decision won’t necessarily have to be based on money considering he will be collecting a hefty check from the Wild for the next three seasons.  All the teams Russo mentions seem like logical fits.