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What is the best division in hockey?

Which division is the most difficult in hockey? Is it the Pacific with the Sharks leading the way? What about the Central with four playoff teams in 2008/09? Some people think the Atlantic is the division to beat with Chris Pronger moving East.

For this week’s Puck Prospetus Roundtable, each contributor was asked to name the most difficult division in the NHL and why.

Here is an excerpt:

Richard Pollock: Atlantic Division – The toughest division in the NHL is the Atlantic Division. Not only does the Atlantic include the defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, but it also plays home to the surprising New York Rangers, the always reliable New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia Flyers. Sure, the weak link is the lowly New York Islanders but the Islanders, with youngster John Tavares leading the way, are not an easy victory anymore.

Collectively, so far this season, the top four teams in the Atlantic Division have scored 31 more goals than they have allowed. Additionally, the entire division is currently sitting twelve games above the .500 level.

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