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Welcome to the new Illegal Curve!

The Illegal Curve family is happy to welcome you to our new and improved website.  We are hoping this site provides you with a more aesthetically pleasing experience and an ease of navigation that was not present before.  While the website looks quite different, our goal of providing readers with the most comprehensive hockey information on the web remains the same.

On our new site, we have added a menu bar for easier access to all of our site content. Here are the following tabs and their functions:

Home: This tab brings you to the home page where you can find all the most recent hockey news.

Teams: We have gone back and categorized all of our posts by team. This section will allow you to click on a team and read the articles under that chosen category.

Columns: Under this tab, you will find a detailed description of all the daily/weekly columns written by every Illegal Curve contributor. All columns posted will appear on the main page and on the top left sidebar.

Interviews: This tab will link the reader to every interview that Illegal Curve has conducted.

Archives: The archive section of the blog allows readers to sift through any published post all the way back to September 2007.

Blogroll: A list of each contributor’s favorite blogs on the internet.

Merchandise: This tab is where you can find the future home of Illegal Curve original clothing.

Donations: Illegal Curve now accepts donations, any amount is welcome and appreciated and would help pay for our server.

About: Here you can find information about each and every member of the Illegal Curve team.

Contact: If you want to email Illegal Curve for any reason, here is where you can find the crew’s email addresses.

Take a look around and explore. We have created a facebook page and would like it if everyone became facebook fans of the site. Under that there is a cloud with all of the most discussed tags.

We really hope you enjoy the new site.


The Illegal Curve team.