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View from the West: Anaheim refuses to throw in the towel, Kris Draper’s injury is a mystery, Blues and Canucks already don’t like each other, Marty Havlat is the chosen one in Chi-town.

Western Conference

San Jose Sharks (1) versus Anaheim Ducks (8)

  • So much for that President’s Trophy. So much for the best home ice record in the NHL. With home ice on their side, the Sharks kicked off the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs the same way they ended the regular season. With a thud.
  • Not so fast there, experts. Anaheim‘s not going to throw in the towel that easily. We’re not going to roll over and let San Jose swim right past us in this race.

Detroit Red Wings (2) versus Columbus Blue Jackets (7)

  • Center Kris Draper (upper-body injury) continues to skate, but won’t play in Game 2 Saturday. He’ll see the doctor again on Monday, hoping for good news.
  • Last night was an eye-opener for the young Jackets. They came out flying, at one point early in the first period they were outshooting the Wings by a margin of 7-1.  Are changes necessary?

Vancouver Canucks (3) versus St. Louis Blues (6)

  • You probably need to crank the audio up on this or plug in some head phones, but you’ll hear some natural pleasantries exchanged between the teams.
  • Life on the Roof:  The Story of Bluie, the Blues mascot who stayed on the roof after the Blues clinched a playoff spot until the 1st home game was sold out.

Chicago Blackhawks (4) verses Calgary Flames (5)

  • Looks like the Hawks fans have already anointed Marty Havlat as the second coming.  Check out these shirts.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly for the Flames.