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Vegas baby, Vegas

From James Mirtle:

The difference there is that with a Harrah’s partnership, the arena could have been targeted by either an NBA or NHL franchise. This super group of well-heeled owners, however, is only interested in hockey, and once construction is underway, expect all stops to be pulled out to woo the league there.

This news comes the day before the NHL’s board of governors convenes here in Toronto, and ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun says expansion will be one of the main topics discussed.

I may have said this before, but I honestly believe the NHL in Las Vegas is all but inevitable at this point. There are too many parties interested in building an arena there for it not to get built, and no other major league sports tenants anxious to take the easy money. (The NBA appears leery of a move to Nevada given what happened at the all-star game there last year and the betting scandal involving referee Tim Donaghy.)

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Could be a highly successful move or could be a complete disaster; it is anyone’s guess.  But for me, the biggest question is: Why would the NHL expand?