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Toronto Maple Leafs

Tucker buyout appearing more likely

From Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun:

While Fletcher will not make decisions on potential buyouts until late next
week, it appears more likely by the day that Darcy Tucker could find himself in
that very situation.

During a break between meetings with his staff about the coming draft,
Fletcher yesterday hinted the $1 million US per season cap hit the Leafs would
absorb would not be a big blow. The Leafs GM ideally would like to deal Tucker,
but the player’s agent, Carlos Sosa, is on record as saying his client would not
waive his no-trade clause under such a scenario.

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If Tucker isn’t willing to waive his no-trade, then a buy-out is looking more and more likely. Tucker would have no trouble catching on with a team after that happened, and he would be getting paid by both teams. Not a bad deal.