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True North Real Estate Development: Investing in downtown Winnipeg

The downtown will have a new look under this plan.

For those who have walked through Portage Place you will note that it is pretty empty. The IMAX is no more, many of the stores have left and it is a shell of what it once was. The real estate division of True North (owners of the Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose) in conjunction with the Manitoba Government unveiled their plan/vision for the redevelopment of this space in downtown Winnipeg.

Today’s press conference:

Jim Ludlow, who is President of True North Real Estate Development, said there will be four anchor zones:

Zone 1: Comprehensive health centre for excellence.
Zone 2: Public Green spaces.
Zone 3: Neighbourhood services, culture and arts.
Zone 4: Mixture of affordable and family housing.

While this isn’t directly related to the Jets it is all tied into the revitalization of the downtown where folks spend 41 nights a year attending Jets games and 36 nights a year attending Moose games as well as for various concerts.