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Top 10 NHL Arenas

Eric Erlendsson of Tampa Bay Online chooses his 10 favorite NHL Arenas.

Now, on to my top arenas in the NHL. I look for not only the building itself and how it looks and feels, but the atmosphere inside and out. I’ll even take into account the press box situation (it’s my list and I’m allowed to be a little selfish in my thinking) as it affects how I do my job. Please remember, this is just my opinion. This is not to put down any other city or fan base. I’m not here to pick on anybody, but merely to help you guys pass some of the dog days of August (otherwise knows as the dead days of hockey) to help spark some conversation. I’ll try to be a bit less geographically challenged on this list – hey, at least I knew Lake Louise was a two-hour drive, I just didn’t bring my compass when I drove there in 2004 wink