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Top 10 Bob Cole Calls

For the first time since the late 80’s, Bob Cole was no longer the voice of CBC for the Stanley Cup Final. People may view that as a bad thing, or a good thing, depending on which side of the Maple Leaf fence you sit.  However, there can be no debate that Cole has been one of the more influential broadcasters of the modern era, with his very unique style of play-by-play commentary.  That being said, here are some of the top Bob Cole calls.

(10) 1989, Lanny McDonald vs. Montreal

The call: “Scores!  Lanny McDonald.”

Still a young pup at this point in time, Cole was just getting warmed up.

(9) 1999, Brett Hull vs. Buffalo

The call: “Scoores!  Mike Modano!”  (Yes that’s right, he did say Modano. Most awkward call ever?)

It’s not a Bob Cole game, without a blatant mistake.

(8) 1993, Eric Desjardins vs. LA

(scroll to 1:20 mark)

The call “Desjardins!  And the Canadiens win in overtime.”

Would Cole have been able to top his performance had the Leafs ended up playing the Habs, instead of the Kings?

(7) 1997, Todd Marchant vs. Edmonton

The call: “Marchant…..SCOOOOORRRES!”

(6) 1999, Steve Yzerman vs. Detroit

The call: “Yzerman Scores!  Detroit wins the game.”

(5) 1993, Canadiens win the Cup


Finally Bob’s secret devotion to the Habs comes out.

(4) 2002, Mats Sundin vs. Carolina

The call: “And the place goes crazy!”

This clip made the cut not because of the game, but based on the ever-so famous catch phrase that Cole always uses.

(3) 1991, Mario Lemieux vs. Minnesota

The call: “What a goal.  What a move.  Lemieux.  Oh baby.”

The “Oh Baby” gets me every time.

(2) 1998, Brendan Shanahan vs. Czech Republic

(scroll to 8:30 mark)

The call: “No.”

Unfortuatenly this call from Cole rang through Canadian’s minds for four straight years.  Until…

(1) 2002, Joe Sakic vs. Team USA

(you can scroll to 3:00 mark, but I suggest watching the entire clip several times)

The call: “Joe Sakic….SCORES!  JOOOOOOOE SAKIC”

Nothing tops his excitment during this call.  Nothing. I just cried. Again.