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Washington Capitals

To trade or not to trade Michael Nylander

From JP at Japers’ Rink:

Why Trading Nylander Makes Sense

  • It gives a Sergei Fedorov top six minutes with either of the Alexes, both of whom he meshed very well with in D.C. and at Worlds (you don’t think the team shelled out $4 million on a third-liner, do you?);

Read the reasons for and against trading Nylander here.

Maybe it is just me, but I think Sergei Fedorov’s value is slightly overrated at this point in time.  If I were the Caps, I’d keep Nylander around for the time being and at least examine Fedorov’s play through the first 20-30 games.  That way the organization will have a better idea of what Fedorov will bring in 2008/09 and if Nylander does become expendable, some teams may have incurred injuries up-the-middle, therefore, increasing the number of trade partners available for discussions.