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Theoren Fleury on a Special Edition of The Radio Show This Afternoon

Theoren Fleury LIVE on a special edition of The Radio Show today at 530 PM. Click below to read more.

We are pleased to report that today at 5:30 PM, we will be conducting a special edition of The Radio Show featuring a live interview with Theoren Fleury.

The show, which is being conducted in conjunction with Marty Gold of The Great Canadian Talk Show, will be airing live on 92.9 KICK FM in Winnipeg and streamed live online at

As has been well documented, Theoren Fleury admitted in his recently released autobiography, “Playing with Fire”, that he was abused by Graham James when he was a Junior Hockey player in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

We will ask Theo about this admission, his recent attempt at an NHL comeback, and his lengthy NHL career today at 530 PM on The Radio Show.

We hope you tune in, and if you have any questions for Theo, please send them to and we will try and get them on air.