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Edmonton Oilers

The Summer of Kevin

Black Dog Hates Skunks has an in-depth look at the summer that Kevin Lowe has built for himself, with a point by point break down of his moves.

There hasn’t been an uneventful summer in Edmonton in years and Kevin Lowe did not disappoint again this year. The good news is that before Lowe was bumped up the ladder he had looked like he regained his mojo in July of 2008. Not as good a summer as three years ago when he brought in Pronger and Peca but certainly far better then the past two summers when the team he created went into camp with big holes. This team has good balance everywhere and while there are questions here and there for the most part Oiler fans should be pretty happy with what Lowe did in his last month as Oilers GM.

Black Dog makes some good points. I like the moves Lowe made, as he has seemingly set the Oilers up for a few years of success.