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Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins get it

From Seth Rorabaugh of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

This is how you build and maintain a fan base. Those two kids in the second video will be giving out loans for a mortgage company when they’re in their 30s and will still be telling the story of when Sidney Crosby came to their house.

The Steelers don’t need to do this nor do they seem really willing to do this. They have a waiting list for season ticket holders which is ten miles long and full of folks ready to drink themselves into oblivion in the parking lot. Even if they go 0-16, selling every seat at Heinz Field is like turning on the water for them

The Pirates will let give you as many nachos as you can eat while you watch Jack Wilson hit .276 as the Pirates lose 90 games a season and continue their rebuilding process which is nearing its second decade.

The Penguins have a highly successful team full of exciting stars and they still try to sell themselves to their fans. They are arguably as hot as they’ve ever been and they still make the effort.

The Penguins get it. It would be nice if the other two teams in Pittsburgh did as well.

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Rorabaugh is exactly right.  The Penguins certainly impressed their fan base with this move.

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