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Radio Show

The Radio Show is on the air!

Live from the palatial studios of 92.9 KICK FM in Downtown Winnipeg, the Radio Show is on the air!

Join us tonight, from 8 PM to 10 PM CST where, in addition to your phone calls and emails, tonight’s guests are Steve Harris (covers the Bruins for the Boston Herald), and Adrian Dater (covers the Avalanche for the Denver Post). As well, Senior Editor Richard Pollock will be providing us with a special “live-on-location” report.

With the second round winding down with three game sevens in the next twenty-four hours, the situation in Phoenix continuing unabated, and wild trade rumors coming out of Tampa Bay, there is a tonne to talk about tonight.

To reach us in studio please call (204) 780-KICK (5425) or by email at

You can listen to the show by clicking here, or by tuning your radio to 92.9 on the FM dial in Winnipeg.