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The HD Corner – Tie Domi Gets the Boot

Breaking news…according to the Globe and Mail, Tie Domi will no longer be a part of the NHL on TSN’s studio panel this season. One has to wonder why TSN pulled the plug on Tie’s young broadcasting career. Was it because he can’t put a full sentence of English together? Maybe it was the fact that his gigantic misshaped cranium was taking too much time in makeup to be ready for each show. Or was it simply based on that his only hockey “contact” was the guy he sprayed the water bottle on while sitting in the penalty box in Philly. Don’t worry, TSN already has about 40 so called “experts” on the panel, so Tie won’t be missed too much for insightful information. It’s OK Tie – you still have a special place in my heart after assisting on Teemu’s record breaking goal (54th as a rookie–passing Mike Bossy’s old mark of 53) in 1992-93.

William Houston is also reporting that the NHL Network will now be available in the U.S. this upcoming season. If no one watches the network in Canada, I’d hate to see what the ratings will be south of the border. Reruns of Magnus Ver Magnusson’s 1995 World’s Strongest Man championship performance will surely triple the ratings. Speaking of which, what ever happened to Dan Pollard? I know he’s not as witty as Jay Onrait, or as attractive as Holly Horton in HD, but c’mon. Doesn’t he deserve better than hosting the NHL Network’s Top 10 Goal Scorers of the 1998 Playoffs (airing at 3am where the only two people watching are myself and Maggie the Monkey)?

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