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The HD Corner – Saturday Ramblings

Finally, our prayers have been answered! ExpressVu has added a second Sportsnet HD feed to its channel lineup. Although out of market games will be blacked out as per the norm with the regular digital feeds (eg: west viewers still won’t be able to view a regional Canucks game), the hope was that more regional HD NHL games would be aired. Tonight the Calgary Flames are taking on the San Jose sharks on Sportsnet West, and it marks the first time the west region can to see a regional HD game. Suddenly my Monday night plans were put on hold for Roger Millions. I never thought I’d ever say that statement.

One other topic that needs to be addressed is the new Hockey Night in Canada format this year. HNIC has been written about ad nauseum on Illegal Curve so far this season, but I’m slowly reaching the point of having a nervous breakdown. Primarily, the pre-game show has always been pretty terrible, so HNIC’s tweaking this year hasn’t really caused me any more grief this year. I still prefer to watch Sportsnet’s Hockey Central prior to HNIC’s puckdrop anyways. Speaking of which, does anyone remember ESSO NHL Saturday Night from back in the day (insert flattering Gary Green compliment here)? Coach’s Corner is still produced in the typical format, with Grapes going on his rants with Ron putting him in-line every once in a while. This past Saturday’s edition featured an enthralling clip of Yanic Perreault winning a faceoff against Joe Sakic, with Grapes going on and on about how the Leafs let him go FOR THE THIRD TIME. You’d think he was talking about Gilbert Perreault with all the compliments Grapes was giving him. Finally, as for the Hotstove this year…wow. That’s seven minutes of my life I’d like to have back. Does anyone actually care what Sean Burke and Scott Mellanby have to say about the cross-check Ryan Kessler received? The Hotstove used to be my number one place for insider information about upcoming trades, rumours, injuries, and all the behind the scenes action (see Illegal Curve’s interview with Eric Duhatschek for more on his take). Now I can easily find out what Sean Burke ate for lunch and why Scott Mellanby retired (because he was terrible), but that’s all.

Other Saturday ramblings:

-HNIC’s new scoreboard ticker is top-notch. With its scrolling out of town scores always keeping the viewer up to date, it as efficient as watching a CBS NFL game with all the constant updates. I keep thinking a 6 TD Tom Brady line will be the next stat to come up.
– Did anyone catch the “whiteout” attempt in Washington? I wish I was joking. Its failure probably had something to due with all the Pens fans that made the trek to D.C. This “whiteout” actually made the Coyotes’ playoff “whiteout” years ago seem legit. On second thought, maybe not.