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The HD Corner: Random Weekend Thoughts

Random thoughts from this past weekend:

Longtime Globe and Mail columnist William Houston has finally hung them up.  For 29 years, Houston has been providing a unique perspective of the sports industry through how it’s covered in the media.  He will be immensely missed at Illegal Curve, and especially by me as I’m going to have to find someone else to take material from.

If you watched some of the Caps-Panthers game this past weekend, you may have noticed one time TSN personality Lisa Hillary between the benches for the Capitals game on Comcast Sportsnet.  You go girl.

Speaking of the Capitals, Breakout Announcer of the Year has to go to Cap’s announcer Joe Beninati.  Being the featured voice on Versus ranks him up there.

How does Mark Osborne still have a job?

Is Tyson Strachan Al’s illegitimate son?  Man I hope so.

Caught a bit of the Spurs – Celtics game yesterday on ABC, and it got me thinking.  Why can’t NBC follow ABC’s lead and show games based on the teams’ current season, and not on where they are purely located?  Sure, a Rangers – Flyers game caters to large markets, but what about showing a Habs – Bruins game with two teams battling for Eastern Conference supremacy?  Look for more on this topic during an Illegal Curve Editorial piece on Wednesday.

A happy 75th to Donald S. Cherry!  May no-touch icing finally be introduced soon.

Is there a better nickname then the “Kahlua” line in Atlanta?  Also known as the Little White Russian line (Little, White, Kovalchuk…get it?).

Anyone catch TSN’s Trade Deadline Preview show on Wednesday, one month before the trade deadline?  I didn’t think so.

Nevermind Mike Green for the Norris, what about Shea Weber?  You read it here first.  Well actually, you probably read it here first, but nonetheless.

For those that missed HNIC’s Hotstove this weekend:

Apparently Ray Emery flew the coup from his KHL team because of a disagreement over the exchange rate and his resulting contract  payment.  Brian Elliot’s new backup, perhaps?  Speaking of the KHL, John Grahame recently got the boot from his KHL team for partying too hard.

Can you believe the Rangers are considering bringing Avery back into the fold?  According to him, he is a changed man since undergoing counseling.  Oh ya, and I’m Elisha Cuthbert’s sloppy thirds.

The Sedin’s to Toronto this summer?  Apparently so, says Strachan.

The Jets and Moose are both scheduled to practice on Wednesday.

Be sure to get all caught up before we start all over again via

Check out the full recap from the Jets 5-2 win over the Panther as they concluded the four-game homestand with a 3-1-0 record.

If you couldn't join @ICdrew, @ICEzzyG and @ICdave live on the Illegal Curve Post-Game Show following the Jets win, fear not as you can watch the replay or download the podcast.

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