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The HD Corner – HNIC Radio

So CBC has announced a deal with Sirius Satellite Radio where they will introduce a new show called HNIC Radio, as explained here on CBC’s website. The show will debut October 1st, with Jeff Marek as the host, along with a rotating cast of familiar HNIC personalities such as Kelly Hrudey, Scott Morrison and Elliotte Friedman.

In addition, HNIC Radio will feature Craig Simpson, Greg Millen, Ron MacLean, Don Cherry, Jim Hughson, and Bob Cole throughout the season.

Bob Cole…really? He’s still kicking around? I could have sworn he retired after his infamous 1998 Nagano Olympics Brendan Shanahan Shootout Call (“He’s gotta score….No! The Czech Republic has advanced…”). Cole is hard enough to understand while actually watching HNIC on TV, with a picture helping to tell the story. I can’t imagine how hard it will be to keep up with him on the radio when he goes off on one of his tangents.

My bet is that Friedman rises to the top over all of the other hosts. He has been my boy since his debut on Headline Sports, and with his resume now consisting of excellent work on HNIC and random appearances on the FAN 590, he should do a bang up job. Please….just spare us the Bates Battaglia interviews, Elliotte.