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The HD Corner – Gord Miller calling Baseball?!

Guess what hockey fans? If you’re having Gord Miller withdrawal this off-season, fret not. Miller has been calling the current Jays – Orioles series on TSN to pinch hit for Rod Black. Ironically enough, the Orioles announcer is none other than NHL announcer Gary Thorne. What are the odds that Bill Clement shows up for a second inning analysis? Let’s hope slim to none. I never thought I’d say this, but Rod Black better come back soon. Actually, does it matter? Who’s going to watch the Jays at this point of the season anyways?

Speaking of Clement, he is the latest addition to the Sportsnet hockey crew. He will provide analysis via satellite as well as in-studio appearances. Sidebar: has anyone seen that ridiculous bug spray commercial with Bill Clement shirtless? Bill, do as all a favour and do a couple push-ups. Maybe hit the bench press now and then. Please! You can check out the youtube clip here, but you have been warned.

In other Sabres news, it appears that TV and radio colour guy Jim Lorentz has decided to hang ‘em up. Maybe he read the last edition of The HD Corner, which included my criticism of his work. Now I’m starting to wish he’d stay on considering Matthew Barnaby, John Tucker and Mike Robitaille will each work beside Rick Jeanerette this week for Sabres exhibition games. No word yet for Lorentz’s full-time replacement, but you’d have to think Rob Ray would get a crack at the job, or at least an interview, since he does have some experience on Sabres MSG telecasts.

Finally, tonight The Score is airing its annual round table discussion (actually on air now as I write this column) about the state of hockey and potential rule changes. Guests include Marty, Turco, Jason Spezza, Colin Campbell, JFJ, Ken Holland, and Stephen Walkom. The panel will be run by Steve Kouleas, who although is quite annoying, usually asks good questions. For some hilghights, check out William Houston’s article here.