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Teams Currently Over the Cap

Mike Chen over at FoxSports takes a look at the NHL teams who are currently over the salary cap, and what they might do to get under it.

Training camp is just over a month away and by now most NHL rosters are pretty solid. However, several teams still have lingering roster issues. With a cap of $56.7 million and a floor of $40.7 million, a handful of teams still lie outside of those parameters, making them ideal trading partners within that select few.

Ideally, you want to have at least $3-4 million of free cap space to give you some maneuverability during the year. However, all salary cap hits are pro-rated, meaning that if you grab a player at the trade deadline in late February, you’ve really only got to pay his salary for about six weeks or so, and his cap hit is pro-rated as such.

The last few weeks before camps open should offer some interesting moves as teams make moves to get under the cap and fill holes with lower priced players.