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Stephane Veilleux fires his agent

From Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Earlier this summer, Veilleux decided it made no sense to continue paying his agent, Paul Corbeil, 4 percent of his salary. So Veilleux, a restricted free agent, fired Corbeil and decided to represent himself in negotiations for a new contract.

“After every contract, it’s time to not only negotiate a new deal with the team, but also the agent,” Veilleux said. “I just decided it was time I didn’t need my agent. It’s nothing personal against him. I’m mature enough to do my own decisions. I know what’s best for me and wanted to do my own thing.”

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I don’t think this is Veilleux’s smartest move. With the complexities of the CBA and his inexperience negotiations contracts, this job is best left for somebody more capable than he is.