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Statement by NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly regarding the Phoenix Coyotes


National Hockey League Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly issued the following statement regarding the Phoenix Coyotes:

“We have just become aware of today’s Bankruptcy Court filing purportedly made on behalf of the Phoenix Coyotes.  We are investigating the circumstances surrounding the petition, including the propriety of its filing.  We have removed Jerry Moyes from all positions of authority to act for or on behalf of the Club.  The League will appear and proceed before the Bankruptcy Court in the best interests of all of the Club’s constituencies, including its fans in Arizona and the League’s 29 other Member Clubs.”

How many people believe the league was unaware that this situation was proceeding to bankruptcy court?  This situation is exploding at the wrong time for the NHL as they would like the focus to be on the battle between Sid the Kid and Alex the Great.

As Ezra’s earlier post indicated Blackberry CEO Jim Ballsillie is making a full court press to get a team into Southern Ontario and this is just one more step in that direction.

Not sure how this is going to turn out but it appears that hockey in the desert is fading like a mirage.