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Dallas Stars

Stars fire Dave Tippett

From TSN:

After six seasons behind the bench in Dallas, the Stars have fired head coach Dave Tippett.

The move comes on the heels of the team naming former Stars’ player Joe Nieuwendyk general manager earlier in the month.

While no successor has been named, sources say that the Stars have asked for permission to talk to former Los Angeles Kings coach Marc Crawford, who remains under contract to the Kings. It’s not clear at this point whether Crawford has been hired to take Tippet’s place or is merely a candidate.

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Well, first off, I have to say that I never fault a new GM for firing the people who were in place before he was hired.  The fact is, if you don’t feel comfortable with the people that are in place, you have to make changes to ensure the team fits your exact mould.  So, Nieuwendyk either didn’t like what he saw with the Stars, or more likely just want his own guy in place.

As for Tippet, I have to be honest, he grew on me.  I thought he had finally turned the corner with the Stars last season when the team lost in six games to the Wings in the Western Conference Final.  This summer was a complete disaster for Dallas (see: Sean Avery) and the team just never seemed to find its way.  In reality, I think more of that responsibility falls on Marty Turco than Tippett.  If Turco had played like his usual self, the Stars probably would have made the playoffs and we may not be having this conversation. 

I really believe this is Nieuwendyk picking his own guy, not Tippett being fired because he hasn’t won a Cup.

In terms of Crawford, if the reports are true, the decision seems a little bit peculiar.  Granted this team is a veteran one, something he is more well suited to coach, but he really lacked success during his time as coach in Los Angeles.  His style is fairly wide-open and that could cause some trouble for the Stars’ defense and Turco.  Especially considering the fact that Turco generally faced a limited amount of shots against.  That said, I’m sure Nieuwendyk will make changes with a certain vision in mind and if hiring Crawford is his first move, expect the Stars to be more high-scoring over the next few seasons.