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Some Saturday Hockey News

  • It appears Theo Fleury’s attempted comeback to the NHL may be motivated, in part, by money, writes James Mirtle.  When you read that Fleury made over $40 million in his NHL career and may need this comeback for cash, you realize just how deep his problems have been over the years.
  • Regardless, Theo Fleury doesn’t care what you think of him.  I posted the papers really early today, so this is one of the late articles that came through.
  • Oilers prospect Toni Rajala may have suffered a serious MCL or ACL injury overseas.  IC’s Kyle Kosior has some very good things to say about Rajala.  He thought the Oilers got a steal later in the Draft, so this is exactly what the organization didn’t want to hear.
  • NHL Fanhouse has Joe Thornton listed as the ninth best player in the NHL.  I respect Joe Thornton but couldn’t disagree more.  I don’t even think he’s in the top four best centers in the NHL (Crosby, Malkin, Getzlaf and Datsyuk), never mind ninth best player in the entire league.
  • The NHL does not want Jim Balsillie’s bid to be considered by Judge Baum at next month’s relocation hearing.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen here.  The NHL is aware that Balsillie’s bid will most likely win, which is why the league is attempting a preemptive strike.  Judge Baum’s concern is getting the creditors the most money possible, but how much of a role will he play in deciding if Balsillie can own/move the team without the approval of the Board of Governors?  Still seems unlikely that Balsillie prevails, but I’m surprised he’s gotten this far, so who knows?
  • Can Dany Heatley turn public perception around by staying in Ottawa?  I agree that it has been done before and I believe that’s Ottawa’s best option right now.  Unfortunately for Senators fans, I don’t think Heatley has the ability to shut out or turn fans’ opinions around like Manny Ramirez or Kobe Bryant.