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Anaheim Ducks

Selanne back on the ice

From Mike Knobler of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

One of the big names: Teemu Selanne, a 38-year-old unrestricted free agent who might or might not want to continue playing in the NHL. Selanne became the leading scorer in Anaheim Ducks history this year; he had 23 points in 26 games with the team in 2008 after joining the team in January. Ducks general manager Brian Burke was quoted by the Orange County Register last week saying he hadn’t heard from Selanne in awhile and would like to speak with him.

“I don’t know if he’s coming back,” Lehtonen said of Selanne. “He’s been quiet about that. I’m sure he’ll tell us when he’s ready to make a decition. He’s still got a scoring touch, for sure.”

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The fact that Selanne is already skating probably bodes well for his return to the NHL (or some form of professional hockey).  With the way he played during his short stint with the Ducks last season, I don’t see any reason why he should retire.