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Scott Wheeler talks about his Winnipeg Jets prospect rankings on the Illegal Curve Hockey Show

Scott recently wrote about the Jets prospect pool and we asked him about nine of the players in the system.

1) How he arrived at the Winnipeg Jets in the 11th spot of his prospect rankings (1:08)
2) The arrival of 2019 1st rounder Ville Heinola (3:51)
3) What is he seeing from 2021 1st rounder Chaz Lucius? (6:22)
4) His thoughts on the two Russians picked in 2021 2nd Nikita Chibrikov & 5th Dmitri Rashevsky. (9:16)
5) The enigma that is Jets 2017 1st rounder Kristian Vesalainen (12:39)
6) Development of Jets 2021 3rd rounder Dmitry Kuzmin who is in the OHL. (14:48)
7) What does he see happening with 2018 3rd rounder Nathan Smith? (17:12)
8) Does he see top 4 upside from Jets 2017 2nd rounder Dylan Samberg? (20:45)
9) What can Jets fans expect from 2020 2nd rounder Daniel Torgersson? (23:17)