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Scott Morrison (Hockey Night in Canada) and (hopefully) Darren Pang (TSN) on the Radio Show tonight at 7pm Central time

Tonight is the Radio Show with guests Scott Morrison of Hockey Night in Canada and we are hoping to have Darren Pang of Fox Sports St. Louis and TSN.

With Morrison, we will discuss a number of hot button issues, such as the slumping Maple Leafs, streaking Rangers, the injuries to Johan Franzen and Daniel Sedin and much more.

We are hoping to have Darren Pang on the show immediately after Morrison, but due to his travel schedule the timing may be a little be off.  Nonetheless, if Pang appears on the show, we will ask him about the up-and-coming Blues, the viability of a team in his former home of Phoenix and much more.

If you’d like to have your voice heard tonight, the IC Radio phone number is (204) 780-KICK.

To send in a question in for one of our guests, just drop a line in the Illegal Curve mailbag.

To listen live tonight at 7pm, click here.

To read more about IC Radio, or listen to past shows/interviews, click here.

We hope you enjoy.


The IC Team