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Schneider anticipating a move

From Dan Wood of the Orange County Register:

Several teams are interested in trading for Schneider, and taking his $5.625 million salary-cap hit off the Ducks’ hands. Unfortunately, at least most of those clubs are in a holding pattern while waiting for erstwhile Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundinto determine his intentions for the coming season. Whoever, if anyone, gets Sundin probably won’t have salary-cap room for Schneider, but other teams will.

“Mathieu is a positive person,” Morris said. “He doesn’t have a no-trade (clause), so he will go where he’s told to go. For his family’s sake, with school coming up, he hopes that’s sooner than later.”

Among the clubs that might have interest in Schneider are the Kings, who are obviously even closer to his family’s current home than the Ducks, but don’t exactly figure to be Stanley Cup contenders during the remainder of Schneider’s career.

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Schneider possesses many of the qualities that contending teams would want.  He can skate, make a good breakout pass and quarterback the power play.  What’s more, he only has one year remaining on his contract with no future obligations.  A team like Buffalo, with cap room and some room on their defense seems like a fairly logical fit; however, it appears the Kings may be the first in line.