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Scheifele and Byfuglien conference call on becoming Jets alternate captains

Hear from the newest alternate captains for the Jets.

Byfuglien and Scheifele head up ice

Hear from the newly named alternate captains for the Winnipeg Jets.



Byfuglien on wearing an A: “It’s always an honor when you get a letter on your jersey. Shows that you’re doing something right.”

Scheifele on wearing an A: “It’s a huge honour to have a letter on your jersey. Hopefully means good things ahead for me and the team.”

Byfuglien follow-up: “You don’t need a letter on your jersey to be a leader in the room.”

Byfuglien on Wheeler being named captain: “I’m so happy that he got that. Now he can just play hockey and lead Winnipeg to better things.”

Scheifele on Wheeler being named captain: “A guy who eats, sleeps and breathes all things Winnipeg Jets.”

Byfuglien on what kind of style leader works for the Jets: “All Blake has to do is set a good example for the young kids.”

Scheifele on being a connection between young players and the veteran core: “Can be intimidating as a young guy to talk to Buff, Wheels.”

Byfuglien on his summer: “Super excited to go play in World Cup for USA. Have never had this opportunity before.”

Byfuglien on looking forward to the upcoming season: “I’m excited to see what these young kids have.”

Byfuglien on having fun on the ice: “‘I’m out there to enjoy. Work hard. But I want to win.”