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Sather no longer averse to no-trade/no-move clauses

From Larry Brooks of the NY Post:

Before last summer, Sather had a policy against no-trade or no-move clauses. Then he gave a full five-year no-move to Chris Drury, in addition to $7.05M per. Oh well. Live and learn.

Except this year, there are two more exceptions. Somehow, $8M over two years wasn’t enough to get Markus Naslund to agree to come to New York, so what did Sather do? The GM gave Naslund, who will be 35 at the end of the month and is coming off two consecutive disappointing seasons in Vancouver, a full no-move clause.


It also seems Wade Redden needed a sweetener to take his $39M, seven-year deal. So the GM gave the defenseman the annual right to give management a list of eight teams to which he cannot be traded, and it will just be unfortunate if Atlanta should want him in a deal for Ilya Kovalchuk, won’t it?


Read more from Brooks here.

When in the heat of negotiations, it looks like Sather felt he needed to include these no-trade/no-move clauses to get certain deals done. They may comeback to cause trouble for Sather, or if the Rangers contend like he hopes, they may have no affect at all. Time will tell…