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Buffalo Sabres

Sabres hoping to re-sign Ryan Miller

From Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News:

It’s encouraging that Darcy Regier has told the media twice in the last few days that he’s had contract talks with Ryan Miller’s agent and that he thinks Miller wants to stay in Buffalo for the long term. But the bottom line is this: A new deal for Miller has to get done before the season starts and preferably before training camp.

You think the Brian Campbell situation last year was a distraction for both player and team? Just wait for the circus that would ensue if Miller was unsigned. It’s the first question he’d get from the media every day and I’m not just talking about the local corps. Miller would be dealing with hordes in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and how about an early trip to Detroit?

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The talk that the Wings are going to swoop in and try and sign Miller may be overblown. Ken Holland recently stated in an interview that he doesn’t like to open up his team’s bank account for goalies. Moreover, who is to say Miller would even be the answer in Detroit? My money is on the Sabres and Miller coming to an agreement sometime before the season begins. The deal will probably be something along the lines of 6yr, $36 million.