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Buffalo Sabres


Last week the Buffalo Sabres had an amazing comeback vs the Tampa Bay Lightning. They scored 6 goals in the third period to secure a 7 – 4 win, keeping their playoff hopes alive.

Thomas Vanek was the star of the game scoring three goals, here is his third goal of the game. In this goal Vanek casually taps the puck out of the air into the net. Usually on goals where the puck is tapped out of the air there is more a baseball bat swing but Vanek kept himself under control and was just trying to make contact. Very nice!

The fantastic play-by-play here is done by Rick Jeanneret. Rick has been providing Sabres play-by-play since 1971 and still has the same excitement and enthusiasm for the game as when he started. From watching it, you really get the sense that he is that excited about hockey.