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Tampa Bay Lightning

Rolston’s rights traded to Tampa

From Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

9:57 pm update: OK, here’s the best it’s been described to me. Rolston’s rights were traded to Tampa Bay for a third in 2010. However, if the Ryan Malone contract is approved as expected, the pick becomes the 2009 fourth round pick Tampa traded to Pittsburgh.

HOWEVER, if Rolston signs there, that fourth becomes a third again — either San Jose’s third-round pick in 2009 that Tampa Bay owns or Tampa Bay’s third in 2010 — at the Wild’s option.

Read more about this trade from Russo’s Rants here.

Easy Tampa. Are the Lightning going to acquire Gretzky and Lemieux next?? All joking aside, I don’t fully understand what the Lightning are doing. If their offers are so good, then why are they just giving away draft picks? I realize they want exclusive rights, but in this case they only get one day extra to negotiate.