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Report: Roy denies Avs have made coaching offer

From Denver Post:

The central theme to the interest the Avalanche has in Patrick Roy rejoining the team still seems to apply. But whether Roy has received a formal contract offer, written or otherwise, from the Avs was put into question today.

Roy denied he has received an offer to coach the team as three NHL sources told The Denver Post on Sunday. Roy told the French language website, “I never received an offer. But, anyway, I’m not commenting.”

What does not seem to have changed, however, is the Avs’ interest in Roy joining them, either as a coach or in a management role. The Avalanche today would not comment on the reports of overtures being made to Roy, but three NHL sources say the choice is up to Roy if he wants a job with the Avs.

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We interviewed Adrian Dater last week on the Illegal Curve Radio show and he mentioned that Roy was in-town and could be meeting for the coaching position with the Colorado Avalanche.  We discussed what it must be like for current Avs Coach Tony Granato who must be feeling a sense of deja vu.  The various Avs blogs seem to have mixed feelings about this move.  Most don’t mind the possibility of Roy taking over but they don’t appreciate the manner in which the Avs have gone about it.