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Relocation hearing moved up

From TSN:

At a hearing Wednesday, judge Redfield Baum called the relocation issue “the 10,000-pound elephant in the room” and said it needed to be resolved quickly.

He set a hearing for June 9 and promised a ruling shortly thereafter. All briefs and declarations must be submitted by June 5. The relocation hearing had been scheduled for June 22, but Balsillie has said he will withdraw his US$212.5-million offer if the sale is not completed by the end of June.

Read the entire story here.

As the article states, the NHL is going to appeal if it loses and that will serve two purposes.  Number one is obvious, in that it gives them a chance to win the case.  Number two, is the fact that an appeal process would continue to push back a resolution date, thereby making it harder for Balsillie to set the wheels in motion if he were to win the case.