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Relevant dates for the Winnipeg Jets summer calendar

Need to plan your summer? Here are critical dates for your Jets calendar.

With the NHL and NHLPA ratification of a new CBA they have also established a schedule for the next few months of life for hockey fans.

We knew that Jets training camp was scheduled to get underway on Monday and we learned on Friday that the Jets and Flames will get underway with their Best-of-Five play-in series on Saturday, August 1st.

Wheeler scores vs Flames scaled

Photo Credit: Colby Spence

But what about other significant dates?  Here is what you need to know via Frank Seravalli of TSN:

July 13th:  Training camp opens
July 26th: Travel to hub cities
July 28th-30th: Exhibition Games.
August 1st: Stanley Cup qualifying round begins.
August 10th: Phase 2 of NHL Draft Lottery.
August 11th: First Round begins.
August 25th: Second Round begins.
September 8th: Conference Finals begin.
September 22nd: Stanley Cup Final begins.
October 4th:  Last possible day of Stanley Cup.
October 9th-10th:  NHL Draft.

Who woulda thunk it that the presentation of the Stanley Cup and the NHL Draft are slated to happen 3.5 months after they traditionally would have concluded but 2020 has taught us not to be surprised by anything.